Sunday, December 27, 2009

Coming Into the Light

The darkest night is now behind us (winter solstice fell on the 21st this year in the northern hemisphere). Thank goodness~ because the past few weeks for me went by in a foggy blur of work-related frenzied activity followed by "the crash" -- a rare giving in to the seasonal flu/cold bug. But now 'I'm baaaack' and ready to reflect on some of the more nourishing moments of the end of this year.

Although bundled up and still feeling rather lousy, on a foggy, rainy day a group of us braved the hills to celebrate the winter solstice and the return to longer, more light-filled days. Walking the single path in and out of the labyrinths offered the chance to reflect back over the year and bring into light my intentions for the coming one. So even though it was cold, wet and (for me) sniffly, it was extremely rejuvenating (thanks Stace for organizing the event!). 

Now what about the food production front? Did the slugs win the battle? "NO!NO! NO!" (Cue Amy Winehouse here...). These slugs must have Irish or British blood in them -- they drank the beer and left! No death by drunken stupor for these ones... So, plan B (thanks to a neighbor's great idea). Mini "green house" protection for each plant. And it is seemingly working - even if it does look a bit odd.

So now, feeling healthy again,  I need to get back into the garden -- the compost is looking really wormy (good stuff!), the green tomatoes managed to ripen (mostly) and it's time to pull those plants. Amazingly we ate the last of them today and it's late December! The broccoli is looking almost ready to harvest, and it's time to start thinking of crop rotation now those tomatoes are 'done'. Ideas? I'm thinking some quinoa for its high protein and eating flexibility (salad, cooked greens, seeds).  And lots and lots of carrots. Yum.

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  1. They wanted me to go to rehab, I said No No No! Gotta love them slugs, they breed 'em tough out there eh?